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Health Safety & Environment

• We provide and maintain conditions of service, and methods of work which comply fully with statutory requirements and as far as is reasonably practicable, safeguard all employees and the public against injury and minimize risks to health and safety from all operations associated with the business.

• Management regards safety as a responsibility equal to that of any other area of its business.

• In the design,manufacture, operation and maintenance of all plant, equipment and facilities we recognize that it is the responsibility of management to do everything realistically possible to prevent personal injury or damage to health.

• Adequate arrangements are made for the safety and welfare of all employees, contractors and other parties who may be affected by our operations.

• Contractors and new employees are made aware of all safety procedures, and their attention is drawn to any potentially hazardous aspects of the operation with which they may come into contact while they are working for Dumarco Construction Limited.

The success of our company is better understood when the internal procedures which guide our processes are explained.

They comprise the following:
The Staff training department is responsible for the training of local workers of all of the companies of the group in each of their specialties, to the highest international standards ensuring continuous quality improvement in the execution of projects and the
development of our local staff and the increase in their individual and overall productivity.