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List of Projects

New Domestic Terminal MMA2

(curtain walls, windows, doors, cladding, internal partitions)

Nigerian Law Publication Complex

(curtain walls, windows, doors)

Nigerian Maritime Authorities Complex

(curtain walls, windows, doors, louvers)

Port Harcourt Shopping Mall

(cladding, front screens)

CHAMS oce building (cladding)

RADISSON BLU Hotel at Lagos,

(cladding, frameless glass in-room doors and special mirrors)

SWISSTRADE oce complex

(cladding, curtain walls)

City Hall of Lagos renovation (curtain walls)

Diamond Bank Head Oce

(11 stories building internal partitions)


(14 stories building internal partitions)

 South African Embassy at Abuja

(curtain walls, windows, doors, louvers, bullet proof automatic

sliding doors, internal regular and bullet proof partitions)

SAIPEM OIL oce at Victoria Island (windows, doors)

And many other aluminium and cladding works

Current projects: Tropicana Shopping Mall at Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State

(round columns cladding and glass balustrades),

MANAL Oce Building at Lagos

(curtain walls, windows),

WASCO oce building at Lagos

(windows, doors),

TECNO TELECOM Oce building at Lagos

(curtain walls, windows, doors, cladding and panoramic screens),

NEGRIS Oce Building at Lagos (curtain walls, windows, doors,

cladding, entrance revolving door),

Hotel development at Badagry-Lagos

(curtain walls, cladding),

Hotel development at Port Harcourt

(windows, curtain walls, automatic sliding door).